Persela Hints Add Players in the Second Round

Persela Hints Add Players in the Second Round
Persela Lamongan’s two-game losing streak appears to have made management intend to add players in the second transfer period. It was expressed by the assistant coach Persela, Ragil Sudirman, after training at Surajaya Stadium, Lamongan, Thursday (6/7/2017).

However, Ragil has not been able to say which position requires additional players. Because, he has not communicated with the head coach.

“Later we will talk to the coach because, coach Herry Kiswanto is authorized and knows the needs of this team,” said Ragil.

Ragil acknowledged there had been talks on the team’s internal coach about additional players in the second round. He also mentioned not only add players, Persela may also cross out the players if the evaluation results show there are players who minimal contribution.

When touched on the sharpness of the front line which recently declined, Ragil confirmed there is a possibility will add players in the position of the attacker.

“It could be a middle attacker, a winger, or an attacker hole,” said Ragil.

In addition to the front line, it could be Persela will add a defender. This indication is seen in the last two matches, where Persela often missed.

“Well, two games we missed, against Persipura and Semen Padang, just see if this position will also be added.Once close to the last match of the first round may already be known,” he said.

For business scored and conceded, Persela actually not bad. Until the 12th week, Persela has included 16 goals and conceded 13 goals (plus 3 goals).

However, it can not be taken as a measure because of the fact, in the last two games they had trouble scoring, even conceded two goals, one goal against Persipura (14/6/2017) and one goal when hosted Semen Padang (3/7/2017 ).

“It is certain that there will be additional players, we will know which position we have to strengthen so that in the second round, Persela will be better,” said Yunan Achmadi, manager of Persela.

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