Ederson: Rich Club Will Have The Best Players This Brazilian goalkeeper has left

Ederson: Klub Kaya Akan Miliki Pemain Terbaik

Ederson: Rich Club Will Have The Best Players This Brazilian goalkeeper has left Benfica and believes the other Portuguese champions will follow in his footsteps Agen Sbobet.

New Manchester City player Ederson sees Nelson Semedo and Alex Grimaldo soon to part with Benfica.

Ederson himself is now one of the most expensive goalkeepers in the world after completing a £ 35 million move from Benfica to Manchester City.

Other news circulated, Pep Guardiola including Manchester United are targeting right-back Benfica Semedo claimed to be obtained with a £ 30 million dowry.

Ederson also called Benfica the difficulty of holding back former Barcelona defender Grimaldo but believes the Portuguese giants will not be short of quality players.

“Losing players will certainly put the club in a difficult position but I believe Benfica will secure the 37th title next season,” he said in the Record.

“In the last three seasons Benfica has always lost at least three important players but they can always stabilize the team.” Benfica is a club that can score great players.

“I think Benfica can not keep Grimaldo and Nelson Semedo away for a long time.”

“Football is business and those with money will get the best players.”

Semedo has been circulating with Benfica since 2012 but last season was his best adventure with the club after recording 46 games in all competitions.

Meanwhile Grimaldo moved to Portugal from Barca in the winter of 2016 and at the age of 21 he managed to steal the attention of a number of top European clubs thanks to his action on the left side of defense.

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